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After doing some research, I have found the exact location of the station, and the location of Marton Junction, which was a line connecting Weedon and surrounding villages to Leamington Spa via Daventry. This line is now closed. Adding to the positives of Daventry Parkway compared to LBK is that Long Buckby does not have much all-accessibility. No ramps are present at Long Buckby, so there is no way for wheelchairs to get to platform level.

Daventry Parkway could supply this demand by adding accessibility features that were not thought of in the building of Long Buckby all those years ago. The location opposite is now home to ‘The Boatyard Weedon’ which consists of ‘Concorform Marina’ and ‘Bosuns Locker Self Storage’. This location is situated on High St in Weedon, near the Heart of England pub and Tesco Express. I have not contacted Network Rail about this yet, but I can see this location is possibly used for access to the railway by Network Rail Staff.

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To add to the reliability of this location, recently, Strutt and Parker have purchased land opposite this proposed location to build 47 new homes! This would bring amazing traffic to not only the station, but Weedon as the new homeowners would be interested in the transport links.

This could not have been any better timing, what a great time to build a station. These are not the only developments, there are others going on in surrounding areas. A map is to the right of this text. When visiting the location, it seemed like a really good location including a bus stop, good transport links to local areas, space for platforms and more benefits of it being built there. This map published by Strutt and Parker, the developers of the new housing estate, shows where they plan to build.

With more of these developments happening around Daventry and Weedon, the need for a new transport link is going to increase. There are two new proposed urban extensions in Daventry, including “Daventry North East”, which will build 1,100 homes to the North East of the town. As well as this, Daventry Vision was published by Daventry District Council a few months ago, and details their proposed future of the town, with specific policies they would like to see action taken on too.

A link to the national rail network would be a great new addition to this vision for Daventry, making it an especially important town in the region, as more people move. The population of Daventry town is expected to be at 40,000 by 2040, with its current population being 25,000. That is a 15k increase in 20 years.

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As this station is most likely going to be served by London Northwestern Railway, we have a lot of options on where customers could travel to from this new station, including London, Birmingham and as far north as Liverpool! Long Buckby receives services to Northampton, Rugby, Birmingham New Street and London Euston with services multiple times a day. Services would normally terminate at London Euston going south, and Crewe going North, however, services Northbound sometimes terminate at Liverpool Lime Street instead, a significantly longer journey, serving more locations. These services normally divert via the Northampton Loop.

Services calling at Northampton and Long Buckby on the Northampton Loop would normally only be terminating at Northampton, or going Northbound, terminating at Birmingham New Street, or going Southbound, terminating at London Euston. However, at Daventry Parkway, there will be more of a selection of services, requiring less changes, and making things a lot simpler in the long run.

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