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Our research

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The figures


of people would travel to London the most


of people would travel to Birmingham the most


of people currently use London Northwestern Railway the most


of people currently commute via rail in Daventry


of Daventry residents currently use the car most often


of people value a ticket office at their train station


more people would switch to commuting via rail if Daventry Parkway was approved


of people highly value living in a place with good transport links

The opinions

"[A] Train station in Weedon would be a great addition and I believe would become quite popular in the area"

"My commute by car is pretty awful. Train would be great but needs to be affordable and time-efficient too, which it currently is not (travelling from Long Buckby) and therefore I drive. A local station would be great!"

"It would be great to have a train station here in the village it would give more opportunity for people and create jobs"

"I could ride a bike to Weedon to catch a train. I would love to be able to travel to work without using a car."

"I used to live in Bletchley and was able to walk to the station and spent many days in London on day trips. Since moving to Weedon we now have to consider lengthy taxi rides and for this reason we don’t do it so frequently."

"In a world that wants us to use public transport rather than the car it makes perfect sense to reintroduce the station"

"This would be a great way of improving the local environment and reducing traffic. I also believe that more people would visit the shops in Northampton from the villages if they didn’t have to travel by car."

"This is needed to help meet long-term Government green transport commitments."

"I would like to bring up [my] two children in such a way that they are less reliant on cars"

"This would be so much better value than HS2"

"I think it would be fantastic to have the station reopened! My sister travels a lot by train up north and doesn’t drive so to be able to hop on a train here would save her a lot of time"

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