Harry Burr in front of TfL Rail Class 345 train

Harry Burr

Harry Burr

Harry Burr (born August 2006) is a British railway campaigner living in Northampton, East Midlands. At the start of his life, he lived in Canterbury, Kent, before moving to Northampton. In 2020, he started a not-for-profit called Sustainable Transport Midlands, which campaigns for better and more environmentally friendly transport in the Midlands and certain surrounding areas, after he realised something needs to be done about it.

Harry leads Sustainable Transport Midlands at the moment, which is the not-for-profit that operates projects such as South Northants Link and Daventry Parkway Project within the East and West Midlands regions. According to news sources, Harry has received both positive and negative comments on social media, but tries to block out the negativity, but take some of it into account in future.

He has come out about his stress regarding his school-work balance before in Northampton Chronicle and Echo, but stated in a quote that “I don’t think it’s affecting me mentally much but there are worse things I could be doing”. He also stated in the story that he has “spoken to teachers at schools about it as so much is on my mind right now”

He writes in his local village newsletter on a frequent basis to keep residents updated on his projects, as well as writing for magazines on a frequent basis.

According to a source, Harry “sees a future career in technology, with a desire to work for Google in London”, but according to an alternative source, this is no longer true, and is looking for work experience to carry out in late 2021. According to Harry’s mother, he’d “make a great politician when he is older”

At the moment, Harry is focussed on his railway station campaign, and mentions his favourite quote “When a station is built, people use it.” in most of his press releases and mentions in the media, newsletters and magazines etc. Harry clearly cares about the environment, with one of his quotes from a source being “If the authorities wants to get to that [net-]zero emissions promise by 2050 then they have to make Northamptonshire more connected”

Harry is also Chief Executive at CrossCountry 2 Project, a Sustainable Transport Midlands partner.

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