The single most important target for this project

Our main goal with this project is to make transport within Northants more environmentally sustainable. We will encourage sustainable means of transportation to and from the station in Daventry, such as bike as opposed to diesel car. All trains serving Weedon Station will be electric, and good for the environment, with no direct carbon emissions.

E-bikes and EVs

At-station schemes

E-bikes may be rolled out in Daventry, which could link in super well with Weedon Station, allowing people to grab a bike in the town of Daventry out of a dock, ride to Weedon, make their train journey, and do the same the other way around when they get back. For people who do still prefer car, we will encourage a “Charge and Ride” service, with many EV chargers available at the station. By 2030, sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned anyway. Our goal is to install an EV charger in every parking space at the station.


Getting to the station

Of course, the shorter the distance to the station from Daventry, the less carbon emissions a car would emit, with petrol and diesel cars travelling as far as Long Buckby to get to work every day. A new alternative needs to be able to cope with taking these vehicles off the road.

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distance to Long Buckby from central Daventry

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distance to Daventry Parkway from central Daventry

Detailed info

More detailed information regarding the environment can be found in our whitepaper

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