Connecting Daventry to it's new link to the country. region. economy.

Daventry Shuttle is a sub-project of Daventry Parkway Project, with a goal of linking Daventry via a new Gateway station to it's new Parkway station.

An 8mi shuttle line
A quick, easy way to get to the rest of the country from Daventry.
Daventry Shuttle will reduce the need for people to drive from Daventry to Daventry Parkway.

Our route

View our route on the right of this section.

Our rolling stock.

We would use VLR vehicles on our route, similar to the proposed Coventry VLR system.

Rolling stock supplier.

We are currently looking at Revolution VLR to supply our rolling stock for the branch.

Other features of a new shuttle

Learn more about some of the characteristics of a new Daventry Shuttle.

Simple ticketing
Just one ticket for one single journey
Keeping Daventry Parkway sustainable
Season tickets
One fee for unlimited travel in a certain period
A train will run every 15 minutes on the branch
Up-to-date and futuristic rolling stock
A short, comfortable, simple experience
Will integrate well with Daventry Parkway services
No loss to your signal/Wi-Fi while on board

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