Daventry Parkway Project

Our goal is to reconnect Daventry to the rail network

Daventry Parkway is a brand new railway station proposal for the East Midlands, to implement a state-of-the-art Parkway station in Weedon Bec, to serve the town of Daventry, with no current rail link.

Daventry Parkway Project is operated by Sustainable Transport Midlands, a Northampton-based sustainable transport campaigning group


The environment is our top priority for this scheme, with shifting people out of cars one of the main reasons for the approval of this project.

Technical details

Location and services

The station would be at or near the point where the A45 road crosses the West Coast Main Line and would primarily serve Daventry, utilising potential capacity released when HS2 Phase 1 opens, the new high-speed line primarily between Birmingham and London, reducing the congestion on the existing main line by transferring existing Intercity trains to High Speed Two.

We are aiming for every London Northwestern Railway serving running via the West Coast Main Line to stop at Weedon Station/Daventry Parkway, enabling a half-hourly service, one London-bound, and one Crewe/Liverpool-bound. These services will be run by either new Class 730s which are being rolled out by London Northwestern Railway now, or by existing Class 350 EMUs, also operated by Transpennine Express.

The research

We have ran surveys of local residents regarding the scheme, with some promising results.


of residents would travel to London the most


of local people currently commute via rail


would convert to a rail-based commute if approved
Technical details

Benefits and challenges

There are benefits to the Daventry Parkway scheme, and they far outweigh the challenges, but it's good to cover both.

Overview video

For a quick overview of the project, watch the above 3 minute video.

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