Daventry Parkway: A new accessible modern useful navigable sustainable
railway station

Daventry Parkway is a brand new railway station programme for the East Midlands, to implement a state-of-the-art Parkway station in Weedon Bec, to serve the town of Daventry, with no current rail link.

Relinking Daventry to the rail network

Daventry is one of the largest towns in the United Kingdom without a rail link, but it's still growing. Something needs to be done about this, which is what Daventry Parkway Project is trying to solve.


The station would be located in Weedon Bec, a village of 2,700 people just outside Daventry. It would be located to take advantage of great A-road links in the village.

Modal shift

One of our main goals of this project is to get people out of carbon-emitting cars, and into green, electric and safer public transport.


The scheme would take advantage of increased capacity on the West Coast Main Line once Intercity services running on the line have been transferred to High Speed Two, once Phase One has entered operation.

Watch our project introduction video

Our project introduction video is a great way to learn more about our proposal, in 3 minutes.

Learn more about the project itself

There's a lot more to learn about Daventry Parkway Project. To find out more about our scheme, visit our "About" page

Daventry Parkway Project is at Stage 1

Stage 1 is the Preparation for action phase

Learn about DPP's progress

Our scheme is making a lot of progress. Visit our updates page to see the latest news and progress on the proposal.

Stage 1

Daventry Parkway's most commonly asked questions about stage 1

What is "stage 1"
Stage 1 is the second stage in Daventry Parkway's journey. It was initiated when West Northamptonshire Council expressed their support for Daventry Parkway to go ahead.
When will stage 2 begin?
Stage 2 will begin once all tasks in stage 1 are completed. There's no estimated end date for "stage 1". We can't predict at this point in our campaign.
What does it entail?
Stage 1 has around 7 main tasks within it, including getting written support from MPs and support from other councillors, as well as land protection and consultation/making local people aware.
What will "stage 2" include?
Stage 2 includes Daventry Parkway being included in local plans, and being noticed by national Government/mentioned in Parliament. Stage 2 will also include the dissolution of Daventry Parkway Project.

Want to learn more about Daventry Parkway itself?

Our next steps report.

Making Daventry Parkway Project futureproof, and ensuring we're ready at any stage.

Sustainable Transport Midlands
West Northamptonshire Council

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