Daventry Parkway: A new accessible modern exciting railway station

Daventry Parkway is a brand new railway station proposal for the East Midlands, to implement a state-of-the-art Parkway station in Weedon Bec, to serve the town of Daventry, with no current rail link.

Relinking Daventry to the rail network

Daventry is one of the largest towns in the United Kingdom without a rail link, but it's still growing. Something needs to be done about this, which is what Daventry Parkway Project is trying to solve.


The station would be located in Weedon Bec, a village of 2,700 people just outside Daventry. It would be located to take advantage of great A-road links in the village.

Modal shift

One of our main goals of this project is to get people out of carbon-emitting cars, and into green, electric and safer public transport.


The scheme would take advantage of increased capacity on the West Coast Main Line once Intercity services running on the line have been transferred to High Speed Two, once Phase One has entered operation.

The current situation

Northamptonshire has one of the worst rail links in England, with only 4 of it's towns having a rail link.

Accessibility and safety
The safety of the road network, and the accessibility for disabled people of the current rail network in Northamptonshire is a big problem.
Long Buckby
The current closest station to Daventry is Long Buckby, which has limited access for disabled people, and limited road access.
Road reliance
The Greater Northampton area has a wide reliance on cars, which increases the countries carbon emissions. Something has to happen here if we want to get to our net-zero target.

Daventry Parkway Project is a campaign/proposal to reopen the railway station in the village of Weedon Bec.

The station would be at or near the point where the A45 road crosses the West Coast Main Line and would primarily serve Daventry, utilising potential capacity released when HS2 Phase 1 opens, the new high-speed line primarily between Birmingham and London, reducing the congestion on the existing main line by transferring existing Intercity trains to High Speed Two.

Watch our project introduction video

Our project introduction video is a great way to learn more about our proposal, in 3 minutes.

Learn more about the campaign

There's a lot more to learn about Daventry Parkway Project. To find out more about our campaign, visit our "About" page

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